Change Management Roles and Responsibilities

Change Manager
* Administration of all RFCs
* Prepare RFCs for CAB meetings, communicate Change Schedule for Service Desk
* Authorize (or reject) changes.

* Advises Change Manager on authorization issues for RFCs with significant or major impact
* Typical representatives for a CAB under normal conditions are:
o The Change Manager (chairs the CAB)
o Customer representatives
o User management
o Application Developers/Supporters
o Technical Experts and Consultants
o Other Services Staff
o Vendors and Suppliers.

Rather than having a static list of members, the CAB should include both static and dynamic members who will attend based on the needs for the changes being discussed.

Release and Deployment Manager
* Manages the release of changes
* Advises the Change Manager (as part of CAB) on release issues.

Technical specialists
* Build, test and deploy the actual hardware and software change components.

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