Change management can be defined as a control mechanism in an area of practice. It
takes the task of handling change. It actually refers to creating changes in an organized
and systematic matter. Change management intends to efficiently apply the new
techniques and processes in your company. Commonly change management refers to the
aspect of information technology systems development projects.
In a company, there are different kinds of tasks. A normal delivery process is one of the
jobs that is needed to be done in a business.  But there is also what we call change
activities that focus more on the needed changes in your organization.
Although change can happen without shifting jobs, products and changing places; change
can happen first inside your mind. That is why it is very critical for organizations to
understand this aspect. Without knowing and understanding, change is destined to serious
Change is inevitable. You can’t disregard and ignore it in your company. Even though
you cannot avoid resistance to the changes, you have to let people understand the purpose
of change in your organization. 
Ways To Manage Change
There are different ways how to manage change inside and outside your influence. Here
are some tips on how to manage change projects.
1. Analyze and identify the change. You have to investigate and understand the
necessary changes that are needed in an organization.
2. Stakeholders management is one of the main reasons for failed change projects.
Stakeholders are those who show interest in change or those who are intended to
undergo the process of change. They are needed to be dealt with properly.
3. Build a plan. Planning and organizing a bullet proof plan is very important.
4. Apply these changes in your company. Organizing change projects and utilize the
techniques is need to know if these changes are appropriate.

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