To attract more followers on your Twitter account is to choose a theme or background image that best suits your personality online.  You can upload your custom design or select from the Twitter design offerings.  The blue sky with clouds is Twitter’s default image background and you have the option to change the image if need be.

The following are steps to change your Twitter account theme or background image:

1. Sign in to your Twitter account by entering your username and password.
2. On the top menu bar, click on “Settings”.
3. Under the account management options, select the “Design” tab.  You will be forwarded to a page where you are given option to select from the pre-designed themes and an option to change your background image.
4. Select "Change background image” located under the themes section.  The selected background image will  pop up below the tab.
5. If you have your own image to upload, use the “Browse” feature to upload the file image into the system.
6. Check the “tile background” if you want to create series of duplicate images on your profile page.
7. Click  "Save changes" to save.

Theme or background images are what provides.  For those uploading images as background they allow images smaller than 800k of GIF, JPG, PNG and picture with a maximum size of 700k. JPG, GIF, PNG.  Twitter does not allow the use of nudity or obscene images.  It is best that you upload a full sized version of the image.

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