Make sure that your organization develops skills to work as a subject matter expert in a specialized channel or discipline and helps Strategic Planners, Marketing or other departments develop ideas, creative solutions and refine strategies and business plans for achieving value and ease of use for your digital customer.

More Uses of the Channel Management Toolkit:

  • Identify: partner with product and development teams to incorporate client feedback, use cases, and unique requirements in support of the development of the product roadmap.
  • Identify: work closely with partner executives to develop performance objectives, financial targets, and critical milestones associated with a productive channel partnership.
  • Seek and evaluate new social media platforms and technology opportunities and stay at the forefront of the adoption of new social media trends, tools, and channels.
  • Guide: own a full funnel channel marketing program that drive new partner acquisition, generates awareness with your current channel partners, and encourages overall product adoption.
  • Confirm your organization leads and crafts UX research to ensure excellence in research, facilitation, artifacts, presentation skills, and distilling actionable insights for partners.
  • Incorporate customer feedback/UX data, operations and process improvement recommendations, design improvements, and customer service techniques into daily store operations.
  • Oversee the development of the overall Market Access strategy, pricing, contracting, and reimbursement and execution in conjunction with other commercial functions.
  • Be certain that your organization demonstrates business and financial acumen for effective interpretation of market changes and forecasting, fosters innovation, leads change and motivates others.
  • Confirm your organization develops managed market pricing/contracting strategies consistent with customer and market indications and the overall portfolio targeting long term commercial success.
  • Manage work with the supply chain to ensure seamless transition of product to distribution partners and identification of critical risk areas and developing mitigation strategies.
  • Control: engagement with marketing and product management as necessary to capture opportunities involving pricing, product specifications, and new product potential.
  • Arrange that your organization partners effectively with other UX disciplines, business line clients, product and Channel Management, marketing, analytics, delivery PMO, Information Technology and other teams to strengthen relationships and understand the business while delivering solid research.
  • Coordinate: proactively lead a joint partner planning process that develops mutual performance objectives, financial targets, and critical milestones associated with a productive partner relationship.
  • Collaborate cross functionally and proactively with clients and other stakeholder teams to develop Channel related strategies, develop content, and drive services.
  • Steer: assortment lifecycle management, Channel Management, merchandise financial planning and open to buy, assortment planning and line review, space planning, price and promo planning.
  • Create a detailed onboarding process for new partners that covers business agreements and contracts, sales enablement, marketing enablement, and installation enablement.
  • Develop and maintain a talented Marketing organization by overseeing the selection, promotion, and development of people who embody the marketing skills and long term potential to contribute to business success.
  • Develop disciplined and data driven analytical processes and output to refine and optimize marketing strategy, tactics, and resource allocation; drive continuous improvement in marketing practice.
  • Pilot: proactively lead a joint planning process that develops mutual performance objectives, financial targets, and critical milestones associated with a productive partner relationship.
  • Supervise: general housekeeping of the production area, case making, inspecting, and packing of finished product in accordance with established procedures, specifications and other guidelines.
  • Ensure you build reseller mindshare and pipeline opportunities with coordinated sales outreach programs utilizing internal resources from Channel Marketing, reseller marketing, and sales teams to reach new customers.
  • Develop relationships with customers, sales, new product development, and other stakeholders that can contribute to the development of new product and business ideas.
  • Create quarterly, monthly, and weekly reports of project status/results; work with account leads to analyze data and provide sound insights and ideas for necessary adjustments moving forward.
  • Manage work with the strategic partners to execute go to market plans and develop specific capacity plans, driving annual spend or contract value and delivering customer success.
  • Pilot: conduct usability research to provide ongoing and up to date insights to inform absolutes executive, product development, and internal teams and promote your continued relevance and impact.


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