Quickly accommodate to changing needs of the stakeholders by adapting to new tools/technologies, evaluate technologies and vendor products to assess the best fit for project/application use cases and build Chargeback Models.

More Uses of the Chargeback Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for working knowledge on cloud Chargeback reporting, show back, reserved instances, spend control, etc.
  • Assure your organization loss forecasting develop, monitor, and maintain forecasting related to merchant Chargebacks, losses, and revenues.
  • Facilitate data collection as necessary for internal measurements and Sales Office Chargebacks.
  • Steer: work closely across your organization to ensure vendor product compliance and service level targets are met to avoid customer Chargebacks.
  • Supervise: customer item set up, kpi reporting and Chargeback management.
  • Provide finance with pmo time tracking results supporting corporate Chargeback.
  • Be accountable for supporting finance partners with Chargeback, budget and forecasting process.
  • Maintain monthly Chargeback/validation process with distribution partners.
  • Develop and manage effective customer relationships focused on improving KPIs and customer scorecards while minimizing Chargebacks utilizing root cause and corrective action plans.
  • Coordinate with distribution centers and vendors regarding return and repair authorization and Chargebacks.
  • Manage work with Chargeback staff to develop appropriate service cost apportioning to customer departments.


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