Shape the direction of ongoing research and product creation in your Analysis and Evaluation and Peer and practice areas; participate in and provide feedback during Checkpoint meetings and other stages of the strategic research process.

More Uses of the Checkpoint Toolkit:

  • Coordinate: Checkpoint program management.
  • Facilitate all operational Checkpoint activities and gate approvals throughout the lifecycle of programs, projects in the portfolio.
  • Identify: Checkpoint security platform.
  • Facilitate all operational Checkpoint activities throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Coordinate: network security is provided by Checkpoint firewall.
  • Identify: Checkpoint security appliances.
  • Identify: host periodic Checkpoint and status calls with customer and internal partners.
  • Establish: Checkpoint mobile access/remote access.
  • Be accountable for staging firewall rules in Checkpoint smart dashboard during the day time to install during window time.
  • Secure that your corporation complies; IMS, DB2, and combined ims/db2 expertise with Checkpoint restarting.


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