Ready to use prioritized Chief Technology Officer requirements, to:

Safeguard that your strategy is using an active and practical approach, the CTO has responsibility for developing and leading a technology team to support industry-leading business applications, cloud-frastructure, information security, technology-driven process improvement, business continuity, user support, and acquisitions and integrations. .


    • Does your organization have a chief technology officer to oversee implementation and maintenance of a cybersecurity strategy?
    • Does your organization have any unique requirements relating to enterprise business applications?
    • How does your organization IT create and sustain great leaders in a time of crisis and opportunity and how could tactics work for IT organizations in other industries?
    • Does your organization have enough security budget to defend itself against current threats?
    • Does your organization have any unique IT infrastructure requirements?
    • How will your department help your organization improve its systems and processes for responding to public disclosure requests?
    • How have you enhanced employees learning through the use of technology?
    • Do you have the experience, leadership qualities and know how required to build and lead a successful team?
    • Do you have an accounting of all stored data including backups and archived data?
    • What ideas do you have to address privacy concerns related to surveillance equipment, data collection, data management protocols, and operational protocols?

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