If you get CompTIA A+ certification, you are provided with the newest and latest skills in the computer profession. The CompTIA A+ Certification proves the technicians ability to configure, install, and diagnose basic networking knowledge and preventive maintenance.

The CompTIA Network+ Certification certifies that the technician has knowledge about networking components, and troubleshooting basic networking hardware, services and protocol. The CompTIA Network+ exam tests the ability in media and topologies, network implementation and support, and standards and protocols.

The CompTIA RFID+ validates the knowledge of the technician in maintenance, repair, installation, and appropriate software and hardware functions.

Anyne who trains in CompTIA Security+ certification displays expertise in security topics.

A CompTIA Server+ accreditation certifies that you have achieved an advance level in technical competencies about server issues and technology. This is intended for upper- to mid-level technicians and encompasses installation, upgrading, environment, configuration, maintenance, disaster recovery and troubleshooting.

A CompTIA e-Biz+ accreditation earns one skills in basic concepts, critical technologies in e-business and key issues. It is developed for people who are involved in e-business environment.

The CompTIA CTT+ accreditation serves its purpose in presentation, preparation, facilitation, evaluation and communication in a classroom environment.

The CompTIA CDIA+ accreditation certifies expertise in technology practices in planning, specifying a document, designing and management of systems.

The CompTIA Linux+ accreditation can be used in demonstrating skills in user administration, explain basic open source licenses and resources, management of local storage device and network protocol, and recognition of software configuration and file permission.

The CompTIA i-Net shows your skills in extranet and intranet infrastructures and services, maintaining and implementing the Internet, and knowledge in developing related applications.

The CompTIA Project+ set serves its purpose in project management skills. This CompTIA covers the entire life cycle of a project from planning, initiation, execution, support, acceptance up to closure.

CompTIA Convergence, on the other hand, provides knowledge in the area of CT or Communication Technologies.
In CEA-CompTIA DHTI+, covers configuration, maintenance, integration, troubleshoot and basic designing in digital home system and electronic concepts.

Lastly, CompTIA PDI+ certifies knowledge in printing, supporting and documenting image devices including scanners, copiers and printers.

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