Google AdWords bill advertisers based on the number of clicks that online users make on their advertisement.  The use of specific keyword results to higher conversion rates as competition for keyword is lower and the pay-per-click rate is lesser.

To stay competitive and achieve greater results from the use of AdWords is to give you points in the use of keywords to add to your AdWords target.

1. Core Keywords.  
The core keywords are the foundational themes of your advertising campaign.  These keywords are the most basic keyword phrases you used to describe your products or services.  They can be helpful as you begin to think of how you would want to advertise your product or service. Core keywords are often very general, high traffic and highly competitive keywords.  So if your advertising goals is on conversions or return on investment, it would be wise not to use general keywords but more on specific variations of those core keywords.

2. Keyword Variations and Use of Keyword Modifiers.  
As you identify the core keywords, try to expand variations on those core keywords. Use a Keyword Tool with the “Use synonyms” check box to get a broader range of ideas, or browse other sites to see how similar businesses describe their products.

The use of keyword modifiers will help you target a particular audience. An advertiser whose target market are those who go for designer shoe line may find the general keywords, “shoes” or “leather shoes” ineffective.  Advertisers should use keyword modifiers such as “’luxury,’ ‘high end’ and ‘authentic’ shoes in order to target the audience who are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality shoes, rather than a bargain hunter who is looking for a lower-end one.

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