To get ahead of the competition, IT professionals need to acquire Microsoft Certified IT Professional credentials.  To successfully pass the certification process however, they should get an MCITP training to prepare for the exams.  

There are several ways to get MCITP training.  Online training and development institutions can provide lots of options for IT professionals with different skills enhancement needs.  There are also formal educational institutions that offer specific training courses for IT professionals.

IT professionals that are too busy with their current jobs can take advantage of full online MCITP training courses.  These courses are delivered utilizing the distance education methodologies.  Trainees will be provided with modules they can study at home or during their free time.  Full online training also provides multimedia materials such as DVD/CD, audio, or video streaming training kits designed for self study.

Some of the best MCITP training providers also offer real time online coaching programs.  These are one-on-one sessions with an online instructor or lecturer.  Sessions must be scheduled in advance but there are additional fees for this kind of MCITP training.  Trainees however can focus more and could easily grasp the lessons if they undergo online coaching.  

IT professionals that are more comfortable with class-room type trainings can enroll in an MCITP boot camp.  A boot camp offers superior personalized training service.  Trainees can also learn other IT practices because they can interact with their fellow IT specialists.  This method however, is not as flexible as online MCITP training because trainees are required to attend a regular class session.

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