Be self directed and provide support in the areas of Church software development processes, industry best practices, and new technologies being adopted for your organization.

More Uses of the Church software Toolkit:

  • Estimate the time to develop and deliver features as defined by product management.
  • Collect and receive regular cash contributions to the church for deposit.
  • Manage church operating funds.
  • Lead review of project software design and coding.
  • Coordinate: review the agenda and minutes for meetings of the session, with input from head of staff and clerk of session.
  • Develop source code and unit tests according to technical designs.
  • Maintain a weekly petty cash log.
  • Oversee maintenance of membership database.
  • Methodize: interface, domain logic and database layers.
  • Control: software dev engineering 5 contract.
  • Provide bookkeeping and payroll services to the church.
  • Manage work with the technical lead in the establishment of architectures, standards, and best practices.
  • Be accountable for providing bookkeeping services.
  • Develop and manage expenses related to the church office budget.
  • Manage work with finance committee to develop annual budget.
  • Maintain accounting ledger using double entry bookkeeping for receipts and disbursements.


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