The networking industry based on Cisco technology is expanding by leaps and bounds due to the demand and acceptance of the Cisco system nowadays. Distributors (who are responsible for the soaring sales of Cisco networking products) are obliged to articulate the technical aspects of their Cisco products to the clients.
Consequently, demand for skilled network specialists is escalating too.

The Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) accreditation is extremely effective at influencing employment of a Cisco CCNA job applicant by the clients. This is because CCNA is an important part of the entire Cisco partnership system.
CCNA holders can file an application to fill various CCNA job vacancies. The Cisco networking positions available are: Helpdesk Support, Network Engineers and Consultants, PC Hardware Technicians, System Engineers, Router Consultant and Engineers, WAN & LAN Engineers and Specialists, and Cisco Voice Engineers. Generous compensation awaits every successful CCNA job applicant upon employment. The salary rate of different Cisco networking positions varies by level of training accomplished, ranging from Level 3 to Level 7. The lowest position of entry level network administrator carries with it an approximate salary of US$ 30,000 as compensation. Level 4 applies to the first level network engineer position with a salary rate of US$ 40, 000. Moreover, Level 5 offers the Network Administrator position with compensation of US$ 55,000, while Level 6 is the Network Engineer position that offers compensation of US$ 70, 000. The Level 7 position offers the highest compensation rate of US$ 70,000 to US$ 200,000 for the capable Senior Cisco Network Engineer and Consultant who will occupy that level.

As the trend shows, demand for Cisco CCNA network specialists are on the rise and so is the compensation rate. If you have CCNA certification, it is presumed that you are a networker who has that type of skill level for Cisco networking products.

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