Students and IT professionals are really challenged to discover more entry level positions are in the market today. But if you have CCNA certification you have an advantage from the rest. With CCNA you can prove to your employer that you have the abilities and knowledge of younger counterparts that are looking also for entry level positions. Having a CCNA title can help you set yourself apart from the rest.

Experience and certification is a plus in looking for a job. It will definitely knock down less qualified applicants. If your want to impress your employer and pass the employer inspection quickly; you have to get a certification right away. The CCNA certification will allow you to get the entry job in networking immediately.

Acquiring the necessary certification means increase in salary. Most of the employees today seem reluctant because they feel that they don’t deserve their salaries as compared to the experience that they have; all because they lack requirements such as CCNA certification. Certified Associates today go for entry level positions. That is why some employees are laid off because these certified candidates offer to work for the same pay. 

What IT professionals should do in order to get a promotion and get on top of the success ladder is to get the necessary certifications needed for your career. Besides, this is also a great opportunity to justify to your boss why you are asking for a bigger pay.

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