Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA can definitely improve your skills as a professional in installing network segments in small home offices. Having the Cisco certification is an essential competency in any computer networking. This will enable you to support and install a LAN/ WAN environment that have 100 nodes or even fewer. This certification covers the Internet Protocol, Apple Talk networks and Novell IPX.

CCNA pursues different kinds of people such as IT professionals, computer technicians and students. Cisco CCNA course is for those individuals who are involved in networking and those who have knowledge in the internet. This course is ideally a good start in creating a career in networking industry. Obtaining a basic foundation course and a certification in CCNA can build an optimistic future in IT networking. This is a pre-requisite for different levels in Cisco certification. With this course, you can be a networking professional and expert by just enrolling in other trainings such as CCNP and CCIE.

Businesses today hire certified IT professionals especially those who configure using LAN/ WAN. They need new hires that will guarantee that they know how to provide a level 1 troubleshooting and improve the company’s networking security and performance. Cisco CCNA is appropriate for job seekers in positions like field technicians, helpdesk engineers, level 1 systems integrator and level 1 system engineer.
This course will open great opportunities for those people who are searching for credentials, reviewing their skills and of course those who are new to networking.

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