Cisco has long been considered by many as an innovator and a leader in the
development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks and networking solutions.  The
Cisco Network Management has been changing and advancing network innovation
with more and more systems and devices being connected and interconnected.  As
businesses and organizations continue to grow and make their presence known online,
Cisco Network Management has been at the forefront of providing solutions and

Cisco Network Management acknowledges that the network is ever changing and
going beyond the simple infrastructure.  Cisco Network Management recognizes that
in the 21st century, a customized and personalized user experience in a secure
platform is expected in every business—and goes true from the retail industry to the
entertainment industry.

Cisco Network Management assists business organization in the automation and
integration of every network through by simplifying redundant processes and
maximizing company resources.  Cisco provides diverse network management tools
that promise to deliver solutions to every company. 

Part of the Cisco Network Management is the Cisco Network Application
Performance Analysis or (NAPA) Solution which provides information on an
application and network performance through a detailed set of tools and services
thereby optimizing the performance of business applications.   Cisco is also able to
use the IBM Tivoli Netcool technologies in their Cisco Network Management.  This
better meets the demands and requirements of security and fault management.  Called
the Assurance Management Solution, this Cisco Network Management tool promises
to deliver real-time centralized monitoring system for service providers and other
large enterprises.

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