The CLC podcasting project is a trailblazing endeavor that seeks to make podcasting part of every learning institution and schools.  The CLC podcasting project maintains a website where affiliate schools can submit their podcast materials for broadcast.  The aim of the project is to determine the impact of podcasting on schools and how this new media benefits the students.  

The project loans podcasting equipments to schools so that member institutions can participate actively in the project.  The main podcasters are students who can produce any material they deem worthy of broadcast.  

In response to the CLC podcasting project, some schools dedicated sound proof rooms within their campuses where students can produce their podcast.  Editing is done by students themselves with the assistance and supervision of their teachers.  

The student podcasts then can be uploaded to the CLC podcasting website.  This website hosts hundreds of podcasts.  The topics of podcasts are very wide and some tackle local school events or developments.  The volume of uploaded podcasts on the CLC podcasting site shows that the project is experiencing a successful implementation.  

The CLC podcasting project also aims to discover ways how to optimize the production and sharing of podcasts.  It also seeks to develop a proper method for evaluating Internet content especially on new media such as podcasting.   

Movers of the CLC podcasting project extend support services to member schools.  There are technical trainings as well as instructions on how to effectively create and distribute audio content through podcasting.  The project also strives to improve the podcasting skills of students.

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