Cleanroom and/or manufacturing environment to support field installations, startups, troubleshooting and training.

More Uses of the Cleanroom Toolkit:

  • Govern: work in a Cleanroom environment and adhere to Cleanroom best practices and safety practices.
  • Audit: label all Cleanroom plates for production runs.
  • Ensure you gain; record the exposure time on the plates and also on the Cleanroom information sheet.
  • Establish versatile process conditions of microfabrication at onsite Cleanroom facility.
  • Coordinate: Cleanroom performance evaluation specialization.
  • Coordinate: customer quality engineering (Cleanroom).
  • Steer: Cleanroom design, operation and maintenance.
  • Pilot: work in a Cleanroom environment, and foster safe work practices.
  • Maintain Cleanroom, ensuring compliance with industry standards.


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