Clear Expectations through Internal Service Level Agreement

Any unclear issues and expectations among your departments tend to create misunderstandings and hard feelings among work groups.

One way of interacting with our people is through engagement of an Internal Service Level Agreement (SLA) between IT and other departments.  With the presence of an Internal SLA numerous benefits are expected such boosting productivity, and increasing employee morale to the entire organization.

To create an internal SLA involves five steps which a company may use in addressing your expectations to the IT department:

1. Define requirements and expectations.  You need to set
   up a meeting between IT and department managers to define
   requirements and expectations. There should be the meeting
   of minds between two parties in carrying out the
   requirements and expectations.
2. Define baseline requirements and means of measuring
   performance.  Establish standards so as to make comparison
   results.  Find quantifiable factors that can be measured
   easily and analyzed. Measure should be done in percentages.

3. Establish a system of rewards and penalties for compliance
   and noncompliance. You need to provide incentive so they
   will abide with the SLA.

4. Come up with a tool to monitor SLA compliance.   You need
   to monitor performance, so you have a way of knowing if
   obligations are met.

5. Make a periodic review of the SLA contents for timeliness
   and accuracy.  In as much as technology changes quickly,
   as your SLA needs to be updated likewise.

Internal SLA is created to clear miscommunications among various departments while simultaneously improving productivity and company wide performance.  It is through internal SLA that our employees become directly accountable.

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