It is quite common to come across the misconception that the term web 2.0 actually refers to several types of visual design elements. This confusion of web 2.0 development also includes rounded corners or even some drop shadows. But the design elements also have been found, quite lately, on the more popular sites that employ the use of web 2.0 and as such the association of this is that of a more fashionable type. This may also be likened to a designer preference which will then be a bit more popular at the same time the term web 2.0 development will finally become a buzzword worthy enough to generate its own sense of excitement.

There is also another type of confusion regarding web 2.0 developments and that has something to do with Ajax. This is a type of error which comes out because there are a lot of web 2.0 sites that also rely quite heavily on this program and is also associated with the effects of DHTML. So when Ajax is also often required for many of these web 2.0 sites to function in a good manner, it is of course not really as required as it should be. As a basis of function, the applications that come with Web 2.0 also builds on the currently existing architecture of the web server but it really leans more on the back end software it utilizes. Because of this, syndication is the name of the game and ends up nominally differing from the other types of methods that are published by others who are also into this.

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