The Clicky web analytics is an easy to use and flexible web monitoring tool for bloggers and website publishers. It can track real time web traffic and user behavior while onsite. There are two types of Clicky web analytics plans. The free version offers limited functionality but suitable for start-up and small businesses. For administrators managing multiple websites and blogs that generate 2000 or more page views daily, then the premium paid plan would be ideal. Webmasters and bloggers can benefit from the application program interface of Clicky web analytics. The Clicky API will enable them to import the web analytics data and run them on any application or platform. Flexibility of web monitoring then can be achieved thus providing superior convenience for webmasters. Clicky web analytics tools also provide geo tracking capabilities. This capability will enable bloggers or webmasters to see where their traffic is coming from. The geo tracking mode allows in depth location analysis ranging from country traffic view to city view. It can also interface with Google maps for a more detailed geo tracking of web traffic. Onsite visitor behavior can also be tracked by Clicky web analytics. Specifically, it can record the popular pages that funnel traffic to a site and detect incoming or outbound links. It can also determine which web page produces the most bounce in terms of traffic performance. By having these data, webmasters can react quickly and plug the spilling web pages on their site while improving those that attract the most number of visitors.

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