Cloud Computing courtesy of the Chrome browser

The Pano Logic Cloud System is basically a desktop computer you access via the Chrome browser


There’s good news on the horizon for businesses that prefer to perform their daily duties via online services (or already do). Pano Logic, a company focused on providing virtualization services, has rolled out a new system for use with Google’s Chrome browser which may very well revolutionize cloud computing for a great number of businesses. Cloud Computing and Chrome browser

The Pano system for Cloud is essentially a type of service which companies can use to cheaply establish a network of virtual desktop computers. What is meant by “virtual desktop computers”, you might be wondering? Basically, Pano’s cloud service allows an organization to set up and access hundreds of remotely accessible, fully-functional computers at extremely attractive prices. These virtualized computers are accessed via the internet and comprise all the hardware, OS, and software needed in order to constitute a fully functioning individual machine. Accessible via the Chrome browser, the Pano system for Cloud is more-or-less a platform for running apps and services, many of which are deployed via Google or Microsoft.

What’s the big benefit of Pano’s cloud system?  
Businesses that typically have several hundred individual terminals, users or machines running to facilitate their operation will (under the Pano system for Cloud) be able to trim their costs down to nearly unimaginable lows. According to their site, you only need to download their virtual client software and pay the pay the server license fee ($999) in order to get started. What’s more, once you pay the fee, you will be able to add an infinite number of endpoints; so, for example, if your company requires around 300 or more machines, each machine will end up costing less than $4. What’s more, you can actually download the software and try it out for free for 60 days. Of course there will also be other paid apps or services which you will want to add in the future, but the basics and beyond are covered in the initial $999 cost.

With a system like Pano’s, businesses can significantly cut their IT and tech budgets without having to sacrifice functionality. Just think about it, no more costs associated with software licenses, OS upgrades, annual hardware upgrades, or maintenance of extensive on-site resources. Simply put, Pano’s cloud system is going to be a blessing for quite a number of businesses and institutions. Does this mean that you can eliminate your entire IT department now?  Hardly; even businesses who are very gung-ho about cloud computing should (and are probably going to need to) keep knowledgeable and dedicated IT personnel on-site. The question is, how well prepared are these individuals for dealing with cloud computing technology?

If your IT team is somewhat unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the cloud, the easiest way to change that is through e-learning certification and training.  Such programs prepare professionals for the types of challenges and scenarios they will likely encounter when servicing or maintaining cloud computing infrastructure. Likewise, understanding how cloud models and architecture work will allow these same individuals to devise more creative solutions and uses for cloud technologies.

Who might want to avoid the Pano system for Cloud?
The Pano system for Cloud is not a completely open form of virtualization; it’s more like a secure platform for running highly developed apps and services. True VDI’s (or Virtual Desktop Infrastructures) are able to deploy an organization’s custom or legacy software – which is often critical to their entire business operation. Pano’s system isn’t designed for incorporating these types of items, so those institutions which rely on specialized software should probably employ the Pano system in a limited capacity or look elsewhere entirely. Also, those companies which require portable computing will discover that the Pano system for Cloud is not the absolute best choice.

As previously stated, the businesses that will get the most mileage out of the Pano cloud system are going to be those who are already utilizing a similar type of IT / computing / networking infrastructure. If, for instance, a business is utilizing a number of Google apps in a “legacy-like” capacity, then the Pano system will work wonderfully. Basically, the usefulness of the Pano system for Cloud all comes down to whether or not an organization requires customized or individualized software to run their internal / external operations.

Big opportunity for balancing the budgets of certain businesses
Organizations which are in a position to benefit from what the Pano Cloud system has to offer will undoubtedly find great value in its ability to slash ownership costs and annual tech budgets. Given that many businesses routinely invest very large sums into their IT departments (as well as hardware and software), solutions like what is being offered by Pano should be most welcome (this is especially true given the ongoing global economic strife).  Simply put, if you are in a position to capitalize on what Pano’s cloud system can offer, you shouldn’t hesitate to check it out; after all, there is a free 60-day trial.

There’s good news on the horizon for businesses that prefer to perform their daily duties via online services (or already do).

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