Cloud Computing just received a major performance upgrade courtesy of some fresh architecture from Profitbricks Cloud Computing and Profitbricks


While Cloud Computing is already known for its high performance-related power attributes, given recent news, it appears that we still haven’t “hit the ceiling” in terms of computing muscle. Enter ProfitBricks: a provider specializing in IaaS, has devised a better, more efficient way to deliver cloud computing to the masses. Basically, this new service allows for increased performance at even lower costs of operation. Some have even branded this new platform as a form of 2nd generation cloud architecture.

At the heart of this new system is ProfitBricks’ virtual data center; which is apparently one of the most elastic and lithe forms of cloud infrastructure and server management currently in existence. In essence, this is ProfitBricks’ attempt at building a better approach to customer designed data centers. Their logic is actually quite sound.

Since individual users/companies face unique situations and require bespoke solutions to address issues, it only makes sense that, when it comes time to design their data center, this process should reinforce their objectives. In other words, ProfitBricks is seeking to give customers much more for their money; we’re talking about a cloud computing service that really allows them to quickly create infrastructure that could be (more) well-suited to their specific needs.

Take live vertical scaling, for instance; this allows users to effectively alter their infrastructure on a “needs” basis. You can add RAM, processor cores and other components as you need them without having to shut down or restart systems. This is the first example of such a system to hit the market, we can only hope that this user-centric philosophy of cloud computing catches on. What we’re really talking about here is giving organizations the ability to create their own remotely-positioned IT infrastructure which can then be instantly managed from any location.

Now, for the first time, virtually any business’ IT department can directly participate in the remote management of cloud computing services. The next logical question is of course, is your IT personnel prepared for this transition? Regardless, there are affordable steps any company can take to forge a more knowledgeable IT department with regards to cloud computing.

Online enabled e-learning is the most popular choice, as it is extremely thorough and inexpensive. Through cloud computing certification and training, IT professionals will gain great insight into how cloud computing works and how it can be used to enhance the way their employer does business. Having qualified and certified cloud personnel on hand is the only way to take advantage of great IaaS-style products (like what ProfitBricks is currently offering).

Additionally, ProfitBricks new service will be one of the few complete cloud-based systems to use a true system of “up-to-the-minute” pricing, which will certainly help certain businesses trim unnecessary costs. Resource usage will also be tracked and priced accordingly; this flies in the face of certain types of stock cloud provider plans which tend to bundle resources into a total cost regardless of whether or not you actually use them, or how useful they might actually be.

What effect will this have on the cloud computing industry?
Hard logic points toward this new ProfitBricks-led development as heralding in a new age of cloud computing. Now, for the first time, cloud consumers have a method for building exactly the type of infrastructure the need and want only with increased power potential and with reasonable pricing policies in tow.

The question is, will consumers run toward this new form of IaaS (as they should) or will they simply not see the inherent value in it? As crazy as it might seem, even business-minded individuals don’t always see how certain (clearly superior) approaches are more worthy of their coin than others. It’s not outside of the realm of possibility that a great deal of businesses might opt for paying slightly more in favor keeping their fully-managed cloud services.

While setting up and managing an IaaS cloud operation isn’t particularly complex, many organizations simply aren’t familiar enough with cloud computing to leverage its power and benefit. It’s far more likely that businesses will begin moving toward dedicated IaaS-style services once a greater percentage of the world’s corporations have moved into cloud computing territory.

In other words, once we begin to see global cloud adoption rates passing the 60% and 70% mark, the demand for IaaS (and the virtual data center that’s being offered up by ProfitBricks) will increase as well.

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