Cloud Computing certification still among the top technical certifications on the market

If you want to confirm the growing importance of cloud computing (and certification) all one needs to do is peruse the top technical trending topics.   Simply put, the prevalence of cloud computing certification programs and opportunities is hard to avoid.  Virtually every IT, computing and technical news site / blog is featuring a number unique cloud computing certification programs.  There’s a great push underway which seeks to create an entirely new class of IT professionals who are essentially “forged in the cloud”, so to speak.

However, despite the high number of specialized certification programs that exist (for cloud computing), many IT careerists are opting for more balanced and comprehensive solutions.  This is to say that in lieu of studying what many might call “fringe” subjects (cloud computing with a focus in some specialized area), people are choosing to seek out basic, yet complete, cloud computing certifications.

A great number of experts within the field of IT are / have been prepping for a big move toward a widespread adoption of cloud computing technologies for quite some time now; it would seem that the message is being received (by the IT community at large).  Right now, there cloud computing-specific certification programs covering a dizzying range of IT-related areas.

So, why exactly is cloud computing certification such a hot area of interest?
The popularity of cloud certification is merely a direct result of the increasing demand for cloud technologies in the marketplace.  Cloud computing offers many advantages to those institutions who adopt it; including everything from increased productivity / efficiency, to savings in terms of energy consumption.  Additionally, whenever you have businesses achieving success with certain tools and concepts, others will want to adopt their practices as well; in this way, cloud computing is also being driven by marketplace competition.  Increased request for cloud-based solutions creates the demand for IT departments and personnel who are also well-versed in cloud computing; hence, the increased interest in cloud certifications.

Currently, most cloud computing certification programs are extremely affordable, but one should not confuse these low costs with lack of demand of quality.  The truth is that the top providers for cloud certification are providing amazing programs which not only open the door to a greater understanding (of the inner machinations) of cloud computing in general, but are also expertly designed to accommodate certification examinations.

Most of the top cloud computing certification programs are delivered digitally; often referred to as the “e-learning method”.  What comprises cloud certification e-learning, you ask?  First off, one of the most immediate and visible benefits of choosing e-learning over a traditional classroom-based course is scheduling.  E-learning offers busy IT pros the opportunity to “take their class and materials with them wherever they may go”.  This is due to the fact that most cloud certification e-learning solutions can be deployed on any number of devices including PC’s, Mac’s, and of course, tablets and smartphones.

Additionally, a quality cloud computing e-learning solution is likely to have been developed by true experts who have a direct connection to the IT world and business element.   Studying a program that’s been specially designed to facilitate learning and absorption of information is obviously going to increase the odds of passing a cert exam on the first try (not to mention how you might perform with this information while on-the-job).  Likewise, as previously mentioned, there are loads of varying cloud computing programs out there covering a breathtaking number of topics within the field of IT; this is of course great news if you’re a specialist.

The influence and importance of cloud computing is growing every single day and at an accelerated rate.  Given this information it should be clear that there is a “window of opportunity” here for IT professionals to develop a solid background in cloud computing disciplines before they become just another facet of mainstream technology.  Tomorrow’s employers are likely to embrace cloud technologies and will therefore need qualified personnel to maintain and manage these systems; you can either get onboard, or face the possibility of becoming redundant.  However, given the low cost and high availability of various cloud computing certification programs that are immediately available, one has to ask the question:  what’s really preventing you from securing your future?

If you’re interested in cloud computing certification(s), you’ll find everything you’re looking for (and more) here.

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