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Cloud Computing Foundation online Course

Cloud Computing Foundation as a solid investment in your career

Perhaps you’ve heard the news about how cloud computing is being adopted by a great number of US governmental agencies?  Or maybe you’ve taken notice of all the cloud-driven businesses popping up in advertisements on TV and web?   All signs point toward cloud computing becoming much more visible in the coming years, and on a number of different fronts (most of them being entertainment-related or driven).  It has been suggested that the emergence of tablet-like devices, coupled with the increasing speeds and prevalence of broadband are creating perfect conditions for the widespread assimilation of cloud computing technologies.  While that may be mere speculation, one thing remains true and clear however, cloud computing is now officially on the table, and is being explored and used (to great benefit) by a significant number of individuals, groups and organizations.
Arguably, the most compelling reason for familiarizing one’s self with a cloud computing foundation has to be assimilating important (and necessary) skills for competing in tomorrow’s job market.   It should go without saying that the person that’s most prepared for a job is not only the most qualified, but also most likely to actually get hired.  The high level of interest in cloud technology by companies like Microsoft, google and Amazon should be evidence enough that there is credence to “the cloud phenomenon”.  Additionally, there is demonstrable growth in cloud computing use and technology, which also tells us that interest in it is not waning in any way.

This of course leads us to the main point; which pertains to your career, and why devoting your self to a cloud computing foundation program is really an investment in it.  Cloud computing is currently on a steady path of growth and acceptance, nearly every single day there seem to some major or minor advancement in the field, be it software, hardware or implemental in nature.  However, the core concepts and elements of cloud computing remain largely unchanged, which is great because it allows individuals to (in effect) accumulate the necessary tools needed to quickly jump into the field.

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