Cloud Computing Foundation Course

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The Cloud Computing Foundation Program Experience

There’s recently been quite a lot of interest cloud computing foundation programs, with their ability to essentially familiarize individuals with the concepts, components and uses of cloud computing in general.  But what can someone expect from a cloud computing foundation program?  Many have requested a brief explanation detailing the entire experience, and what it entails.
As previously stated, every cloud computing foundation program seeks to provide its students with a well rounded and thorough understanding of its concepts (of cloud computing).  This includes an examination of not only the components of cloud systems/networks, but also how these components interact with one another and how the entire system (or parts of it) might be tasked or implemented.  Individual elements of the prototypical cloud computing infrastructure are dissected in great detail, giving the student a chance to truly understand the inner workings of a typical architecture.  Additionally, the various forms and levels of service are also examined, providing one with an advanced understanding of how and why service providers function and behave in the manner that they do.   But the main focus of any foundation program is the architecture of cloud computing itself; this should also include where the technology currently rests and where it is headed in the near future as well.

Many leave their respective foundation programs feeling ready to implement their knowledge in the field; and this is largely the purpose of most programs, to prepare students for additional challenges and employment opportunities.  Overall, the knowledge and experiences gained from participating in a foundation program should prove to be absolutely invaluable in the coming age when cloud computing becomes more commonplace (or entirely replaces the current model altogether).  Even if a complete “changing of the guard” never occurs, the information obtained through a cloud computing foundation program will still enable one to utilize certain cloud services and / or components in ever increasingly creative (and profitable) ways.

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