Sony’s open cloud gaming platform, “Gaikai”, is amazing

High-end gaming right inside your browser, “Gaikai” is a perfect demonstration of the power and charm of cloud computing cloud computing gaming platform
Most recently, Sony acquired the open cloud gaming platform, called “Gaikai(pronounced: guy-kai), for a reported investment of $380 million dollars. At this point you’re probably wondering – what is Gaikai, and why is Sony so eager to drop all those greenbacks, right? In a nutshell, Gaikai is a refined, browser-based cloud gaming delivery system. In other words, this new cloud gaming institution is basically a living embodiment of what many (who realize the potential inherent in cloud computing) have been waiting for; a high-tech cloud gaming solution that actually works.

But going beyond simply delivering your standard internet-based flash games or other non-hardware-intensive titles, Gaikai is able to instantly bring top-tier games to your browser window. This is no joke. Through this cloud gaming platform, you can play games which normally require systems with powerful graphics cards and tons of RAM on even lower-end systems. *Note: I personally loaded up and played a bit of Assassins’ Creed: Brotherhood on an older system equipped with Mozilla Firefox just to test it out, needless to say, it worked like a charm. The graphics were excellent, gameplay was sharp and unfettered, even on a machine with half the minimum requirements needed for operation on PC; the entire experience was very eye-opening to say the least.  

Has Cloud Gaming Officially Arrived?  
For those who are really into video games and/or gaming in general, this technology represents a giant leap forward. Sony is no doubt aware of the potential here as they are a major player in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry already. The real question is – what effect is this going to have on the gaming industry itself over time?

When you consider the fact that either PC or console gaming requires the purchase of expensive devices and/or components along with additional (often expensive) software costs, it’s easy to see why cloud gaming is superior. For example, most PC gamers are very used to having to devise their own operational solutions (or even debug the software they purchase) just to gain functionality. Likewise, console gamers have been fraught with numerous hardware failures regardless of the system they might have purchased. Cloud gaming solves many different problems all at once. Since cloud gaming will likely be deployed as part of some form of subscription service. Additionally, no hardware upgrades will be necessary from users and software / game packages are likely to be included in the total cost(s) as well. The trade-off of course, is that you’re essentially exchanging ownership rights for hardware and software for significantly reduced costs of use and operation. For a great deal of gamers, this will open the door a higher quality of play at a much reduced price.

A Gaming Renaissance might be on the way…
It is not outside of the realm of possibility that cloud gaming will attract even more people to the video gaming industry. Because cloud gaming is very much a plug-and-play type of technology, there’s very little setup time involved and virtually no major issues present which might derail potential customers from picking it up. The fact is, more people might have already jumped into video games if it weren’t for the complex issues surrounding hardware upgrades and system management. This technology basically allows anyone to jump right into recent games featuring state-of-the-art software technology instantly, and right inside their favorite browser. Moreover, the kind of cloud gaming experience that Gaikai delivers is stable enough to be deployed and distributed over social media networks and sites like Facebook.

A message for IT pros and all perceptive PC gamers
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* System requirements for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood's-creed%3A-brotherhood

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