In all things that we do, we desire to achieve accuracy in all aspects of it.  The accuracy in any process that one undertakes defines the perfection and credibility of the system.  In this perspective, it is essential that one should understand the necessity and importance of achieving accuracy in any process.  

So, how important is accuracy in CMM? 

Accuracy in business means money and power.  Accuracy means failure when not achieved.  Accuracy is what draws the whole business. If that is what is being defined by accuracy, how then can one not give importance to it? 

CMM as the main thrust in the improvement of the organizational process requires with high priority that accuracy is achieved.  CMM accuracy plays a major factor in assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process. 

When checking on the accuracy factors, there are several accuracy facets that you need to check and consider.  One of the most common accuracy verifier is the linear accuracy.  The linear accuracy is achieved when each axis of the process is read to be accurate on each aspect.  While on the other hand, when you inspect on the total accuracy of the process or the machine, the term volumetric is the one being defined.  This specific accuracy refers to determining the accuracy in general sense. 

All in all, CMM accuracy should at all time be given the highest priority when engaged into studying and enhancing the organizational process.  Not only that accuracy spells good fortune, it can also lead to massive destruction when this is not achieved.

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