CMMI Online – Evaluating Process Improvement Models for Your Organization

Have you ever imagined life without the internet? This is unimaginable because the internet has been a part of everyday life. Do you have any questions in mind, or issues that you feel irresolvable? The internet definitely has an answer. Now, if you belong to the corporate world and you are thinking on how you can improve current organizational processes for continued business growth and development, then the Capability Maturity Model Integration or CMMI has some solutions for you. Fortunately, everything you need to know is just a click away.

As a successor of Capability Maturity Model (CMM), CMMI is also a process improvement model used for software development. Its purpose is to (a) help organizations in evaluating existing processes and (b) provide them a more systematic way of improving these processes. Exploring and understanding CMMI models is a critical aspect of doing business and it is a good thing that there is an online tool made especially for this purpose alone. This is called CMMI Online.

CMMI Online offers multiple models as generated from the CMMI Framework. Some of the focus areas include Software Engineering, Process Development, Systems Engineering and Supplier Sourcing. These models are presented either in continuous or staged representation. Whether used for appraisals or process improvement, both representations are designed to yield satisfactory results.

When an organization chose continuous representation, this means that capability levels provide a recommended order for approaching process improvement. Staged, on the other hand, provides a proven sequence of improvements from basic management practices to predefined path of successful levels.

For more information about CMMI models, visit the CMMI Online site being maintained by the Borland Group.

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