The bigger an company is, the more processes it has to implement to effectively execute its purpose. Most of the time, these processes are independent of each other; however, they need to be smoothly integrated together for the company to function as one whole entity.

Of course, to achieve that particular goal, it is ideal for the company to have a model or framework to use as a guide, pattern, or basis. The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) does just that. CMMI is a collection of different Capability Maturity Models (CMMs) that are integrated into one method or approach which different companies can use in their goal to achieve more effective processes.

CMMI has process improvement themes to help companies segregate the different areas in which they need changes for the better. These themes include reusing resources and eliminating repetitive mistakes.

CMMI encourages companies reuse most if not all resources to eliminate costs. If people, time, and materials can be maximized, companies can achieve more while maintaining the same budget. Reusing resources is simply increasing productivity.

CMMI also eliminates mistakes, especially those that occur over and over again. Time, money, and energy are wasted when repetitive mistakes are committed because they need to be corrected each time they occur. By going to the root of the problem, the causes of these frequently errors are addressed. Thus, resources will be used to create more products and deliver more services, instead of being used to rectify errors time and time again.

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