The benefits of implementing IT are being recognized by many organizations today. 
Much of their success is owed to their knowledge of IT.  Organizations today know
the importance of delivering and linking business goals with that of IT is the key to a
successful management of risks.  Taking this into consideration, the Control
Objectives for Information and related Technology or COBIT was developed and
published.  IT governance with COBIT promises to aid in the proper management of
the many business challenges today.

IT governance with COBIT consists of a framework risk management in IT. 
According to ITGI, the main objective of IT governance with COBIT is to attempt to
bridge the gap between the different control requirements, technology issues, and the
different risks in business.  Because IT governance with COBIT creates a clear policy
development and control for IT in the business, it gives a clear understanding of the
risk management and awareness for the enterprise.

The focus is to ensure that the link between business and IT goals with the enterprise
operations are properly aligned and delivered.  IT governance with COBIT will
attempt to optimize costs and value delivery through proper resource management of
critical IT resources, people, applications, processes, infrastructure and information.

Measuring performance will also be easier with COBIT IT management because it
tracks and monitors the project completion, the usage of resources, deliverables
completion, and many others using an evaluation form that is balanced and
measurable.  IT governance with COBIT has now been recognized as the best IT best
practices integrator because of its harmonious relationship with other standards and
because of its continuous improvement.

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