Comparing PMBOK 2000 with PMBOK Third Edition

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a certified individual by the Project
Management Institute (PMI).  PMI was established to standardize the project
management best practices so that it can be applied into any discipline–from the IT
industry to the construction industry.  In 1987, PMI published a white paper which was
known as the Project Management Book of Knowledge or PMBOK.  Since then, the
PMBOK has gone through three stages of revisions.  The latest one, the PMBOK third
edition supersedes the PMBOK 2000 which was published as the second edition of the
very popular PMBOK guide.

PMI and ANSI set a clear definition and description of the best practices in the PMBOK
2000 guide. The guide includes knowledge and practices that are applicable to most
projects from any industry and ensures that the projects are implemented within the time
limit and within the specified budget.  PMBOK 2000 has been replaced by the PMBOK
third edition thanks to the various recommendations and improvements given to PMI.  In
PMBOK 2000, the following were revised and/or improved.

Most noticeable in the changes would be the physical ones.  Compared to PMBOK 2000,
the PMBOK third edition has a new cover page, is 174 pages thicker, has better and
improved illustrations and graphics and the application, implementation and revelation of
best practices is in boldface for easy reference.  Another big change from the PMBOK
2000 is that PMI  has also introduced new sections on project management and has
clarified several concepts and introduced new techniques in the PMBOK third edition.

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