Blogs are used not just a personal journal but in most cases it is used for business purposes.   It is a journal published on the web and is updated regularly.  Businesses used blogs for marketing, branding or public relations purposes.  Blogs contains links that direct readers to landing pages.  Blogs created to draw consumer’s awareness is considered to be effective, if you are able to lead your readers to your links.  But even with the use of blogs, it needs to be measured as well.

Where a company allows its employees, teams or spokespersons share their vioews publicly is known as external blog.   This type of blog allows interaction with target market on a more personal level while building link towards the end to the corporate site.

Web analytics blogs is act of measuring how people who have indicated their interest in your material and opinions subscribed to your blog feed.  If you decide on using blogs to market your product or service, you need to subscribe to a blog search engine that uses web analytics as a tool.   As readers react to your blog, chances are they would be your most loyal audience and they will consistently follow the content of your blog.   If your blogs are on feed-based monetization, the selling of advertisement would require feeds.  The size of your feeds determines the extra money that you earn from your website.

Web analytics blogs track the authority, influence, and popularity of blogs.  Results of the web analytics blogs will help companies plan for their ad targeting platform.  They are able to assess what consumers look for based on the comments and feedbacks.

In making buying decisions, you need to be wise specially if you are putting big amount of investment on something.  To decide on what web analytics tools to buy is just like in buying car.  You do all the research on the web on the car you want to buy, take a test drive and see how you feel about it.  Same as in buying web analytics tools.

What works for one organization would not work for the other. You need to pick the right tool for your company or try a couple of web analytics tools in order to make comparison before you decided which is optimal for you.  Some of the Web Analytics tools are Omniture, HBX (WebSideStory), WebTrends, CoreMetrics, ClickTracks, IndexTools, Unica NetInsight, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Gatineau.
To compare these web analytics tools is to implement their use.  Some of the points that you should consider when doing web analytics comparison are:

1. Tag errors – an error tag on your pages can throw you for a loop.  You need to remember to tag every page and do a complete job setting of the software for success.
2. Understand terminology – try to understand the terms use in every package.
3.  Learn the software and how it does things – try to learn way of doings for each software package.
4. Learn your requirements – this is a self process, learn and understand how to use the software effectively on your site.
5.  Learn the requirements of others in your organization.
6. Validate the data – find a method of testing the quality of your data if you are not running more than one analytic package.
With the web analytics comparison you are able to see any substantial difference on the web analytics tools and you have a visible clue of which to web analytic tool is best suited for your company.

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