Jeff Alderson, the maker of the popular software which is called RSS Equalizer, Traffic Equalizer and Adword Analyzer – has produced the software "Competition Equalizer". This is a new, powerful tool intentionally designed to crush any Google Adword competitors. Basically, this tool will serve as a "spy" to other Google Adword competitors. Through this tool, almost anyone will be able to see what their competitors are exactly doing—enabling them to mimic the valuable strategies of their competitors and throw out those that are not.

Before, affiliate marketers are limited to a trial-and-error process wherein an individual’s ads are tried out to identify which one is effective and which ones are not. In some instances, they are also required to spend a good sum of money to purchase multiple software products for them to analyze various data to examine if their AdWords campaign is progressing. But with the use of Competition Equalizer, these affiliate marketers can already gain a whole collection of powerful products presented in one package. Now, by just doing few mouse clicks, any affiliate marketers can identify the exact way to obtain viable advantage over their direct competitors.   

Essentially, Competition Equalizer will allow affiliate marketers to determine the following:

•    Who are the big competitors for a specific keyword,
•    Which ads of the competitors are winning and how can it be beaten,
•    Identify the entire group of keywords that competitors are using, and which among them are profitable,
•    Reveals the strategies of competitors in complete detail,
•    Look for the emerging markets and how can one can capitalize on them.

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