Competition Heats Up in Hosted CRM Solutions Industry

It can be safely said that when a corporation adopts a great customer service attitude, half the battle for corporate survival is already won. The customers of a corporation are the ones who supply the profits of an organization. A corporation lives to serve its customers  that is something that all sales personnel have to bear in mind. This is why poor customer service inevitably leads to the demise of an organization.

Remember that in business The Customer is King. This does not mean you have to follow every whim of the customer but it does serve to point out that corporations should recognize that they exist because the customer needs something that this corporation seems in the best position to provide. The corporation should recognize what it can do as a service provider to the customer and then do its best to be the best at it that it can. This, in a nutshell, is what the world of business is all about.

Listen to customer feedback so you can provide great customer service. If you are selling shoes to ladies and they tell you that your shoes look great but are harsh on their feet, listen closely to their feedback. Even the best looking product will not be sold if it will make the customer uncomfortable somehow or even cause injuries to them  that is why toys with lead paint from China are shunned by customers in the US who know even good-looking toys like these can kill their children through lead poisoning.

To survive in business, you need to find your niche where customers will appreciate you best. If you are known for being a good wooden toy maker who can provide lead-free toys to customers, you have an edge over so-so wooden toy makers who use lead-based toy paint. And to improve your business, you need to strive to become a superlative wooden toy maker so that customers will refer you to others. This is how legends in industry and business are born.

There are basically two types of CRM solutions; the hosted CRM solutions, and the conventional on-premise CRM solutions. Both of these CRM solutions categories aim to provide great Customer Relationship Management support to clients or members of the public. However, there are crucial differences between these two CRM types.

Hosted CRM can also be called an open-source type of CRM solution because these hosted CRM applications are very cheap (in some cases free) for the small business owner buying them. If you are a small sales-oriented business owner, you may find that you are literally counting every penny of your profits just to survive. For these types of companies, a free hosted CRM solution is manna from heaven. But you have to understand that the free solution is often provided because the service provider hopes you will opt for the for-pay version eventually. This is part of business strategies and is perfectly ethical.

Hosted CRM has become so popular that even developers who were previously focused just on on-premise solutions are now considering adopting hosted CRM solutions as well as a new line of business. So it should not come as a surprise that even the larger corporate players are studying their hosted CRM options to see if they can justify that type of move or if they should stick to on-premise CRM solutions instead.

One way that hosted CRM developers are able to keep their price low is by using the Internet as infrastructure for the delivery aspect of their solutions. Developers in this area are also able to gain business because they can act as fast implementers of solutions for clients.

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