Be accountable for ensuring effective stakeholder management across the enterprise and holding functional leaders accountable to designing, implementing, and monitoring effective quality and Compliance Controls.

More Uses of the Compliance Control Toolkit:

  • Drive efficiency in the compliance process through automation and rationalizing configuration / code based Compliance Controls over manual process and controls.
  • Be accountable for executing Compliance Controls testing, transactional testing, or Compliance Controls monitoring activities based on the pre defined testing plan.
  • Organize: review policies and procedures to ensure solid Compliance Controls.
  • Ensure you unite; spearhead identifies opportunities for strengthening Compliance Controls proactively.
  • Establish automated queries and dashboards to build Compliance Controls to scale.
  • Identify: implement a testing and monitoring program to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of Compliance Controls and develop periodic reporting on the test results.
  • Direct: conduct and manage necessary it Compliance Control monitoring and testing activities to determine the effectiveness of the controls.
  • Lead it Compliance Control monitoring programs to ensure IT compliance related risks are managed to the appropriate level of acceptable residual risk.
  • Create and manage processes for monitoring cybersecurity strategies, policies, Compliance Controls and programs to meet business needs.
  • Ensure service is delivered in line with agreed upon targets; Compliance Controls, procedures, quality audits, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Facilitate automation for procedural Compliance Controls.
  • Validate the environment meets all applicable security and Compliance Controls.
  • Provide robust assurance of the operational effectiveness of your Compliance Controls.
  • Adhere to established operating, risk, and Compliance Controls and standard operating procedures.
  • Head: research, identify, design, and develop new information security or Compliance Controls for clients.
  • Confirm you transform; understand and ensure that all cloud platform solutions follow security and Compliance Controls.
  • Ensure you volunteer; build automation for procedural and technical Compliance Controls.
  • Warrant that your organization performs defined audit procedures to perform testing of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance Controls.
  • Ensure you oversee; recommend corrective and preventative actions for any identified weaknesses in Compliance Controls or systems and suggest changes to reduce safety risks.
  • Confirm you allocate; lead necessary it Compliance Control monitoring and testing activities to determine effectiveness of the controls and ensure deficiencies are remediated.
  • Organize: web filtering and Compliance Controls.


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