Some years back, landing pages are very simple pages.  They actually contain no more than a subscription form designed to squeeze the email addresses of page visitors.  As online advertising becomes more sophisticated, the creation of a new landing page system also becomes very important.  Today, landing pages are not just simple squeeze pages; they are complete websites nowadays with useful resources and valuable content.  

New landing pages have 3 basic components.  These are called the basic structure of the new landing page system.  Some of these components are required items on the landing page while others are optional but they could be very valuable.

First, every landing page should have a title.  This title is usually found on the browser heading.  To create the title of the landing page, it must be written as a metadata during the design process.  In this way, the page title will display correctly on the web browser.

Second, a landing page should have banner headings which announce what the page is all about.  This is important in order to increase the conversion rate of the page.  The banner headings should also be complemented by sub-headings and bulleted items.  These will enhance the ease of use quality of the landing page.  

Third, a landing page should have a clickable action button.  This could be in the form of a buy now button or a subscription button.  These are action elements designed to induce positive user engagement on the site.  A well designed action button could mean more conversion for the landing page.

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