CompTIA, also known as the Computing Technology Industry Association, has been established in 1982 to be an arm of ABCD or the Association of Better Computer Dealers, Inc. Five microcomputer dealers have had their respective representatives to spearhead the founding of CompTIA.

So what is the association all about?

Basically, CompTIAs main goal is to provide a representation globally for the growing IT community. It aims to provide a solid ground for IT businesses to be able to operate more fluidly worldwide. Through certification programs and technological advocacies led by the association, businesses that need technological support in the global market can have easy access to new and innovative advancements.

Apart from businesses and other entrepreneurs, CompTIA also supports technological professionals. They provide their respective members with professional perks and benefits to further enhance their skills and to promote career advancement. By becoming a member, CompTIA grants access to relevant IT education, ongoing researches and advancements in the field of IT, opportunities for promoting IT-related networks and establishing partenerships among business sectors to name a few.

It also participates in socio-civic related issues by encouraging individuals as well as big business players to donate used computer products, both hardware and software, which are still in tip-top shape to be used by the National Cristina Foundation (NCF) in serving people at-risk and those who have are suffering from disabilities. The NCF by the way is their official partner in conducting socio-civic activities.

In general, CompTIA can be considered as among the backbones of the Information Technology Industry. It continues to attract many people into considering a career in IT through the many doors it opens for those who would want to get into such profession.

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