CompTIA is dedicated in increasing the growth and the implementation of standard skills in the US. They are actually working with different government agencies to make this vision possible. By coordinating with the US, CompTIA is giving the government IT solutions to utilize it in supporting their systems.

CompTIA is committed in supporting government programs to help the country and the community as well. They are actively participating in training the DoD Information Assurance managers and technicians. They make sure that they are all well trained and they gain the certification to efficiently protect DoD data, information infrastructures and information systems.

Aside from that, The Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program Manual was created to give instructions for training, management and certification of the DoD workforce. The US government also cooperates in implementing the list of official certifications such as CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+. These certifications are highly recognized and supported by several IT industry leaders in both private and public sectors. Experts in training, government and the academe joined together in order to create a vendor-neutral certification. This is now considered as one of the major requirements to get advanced certification. The US government and CompTIA have proven to effectively work together in providing the country a better the community of advanced IT systems. They have successfully established a mission to create a technical environment to help not only IT professionals in the business field but also providing assistance in US government programs. This is to enhance and improve the quality of technical resources in government agencies.

CompTIA is the largest certification giving body in the world today with over 22,000 members in more than 100 countries.  Because of their vendor-neutral certification program, they are commonly approved as a pre-requisite for other certification examinations like Java, Cisco, Novell, 3Com, Microsoft, and many others.  It is for this reason that many courses are offered around the world with the goal of making students pass the CompTIA Certification exams.  Courses or cursus in CompTIA can either be online, computer based, or classroom based.

Cursus CompTIA contain 14 domains that include anything from PC hardware, networking, Linux, security, and e-business, to servers, internet, project management, and home technology.  It is up to the IT professional which of the courses or cursus in CompTIA he is willing to take in order for him to prepare for the certification exams.

There has been a long standing debate on whether cursus in CompTIA are better taken in a classroom, on the web or via the CBTs like CDROMS.  While taking the classroom type setting in the CompTIA cursus could be the last choices among IT professionals with busy schedules, choosing between online learning and CDROM training both have its advantages and limitations. 

Both CDROM and online CompTIA cursus or courses have a self-paced training advantage and they both can be easily accessed by anyone who has a computer. They both are very transportable and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  Probably the major drawback in online cursus is that the student needs an internet connection to get the training while CDROMs require individuals to install additional programs into the hard disc to access the training.

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