The bond between some certification exam institutions is indeed one of the things that certification aspirants should take advantage of. Certain requirements have been listed as part of assessing a potential candidates qualification in taking such exams. Such requirements may, or may not include, professional hands on experience, bachelors degree, training courses, letter of recommendation from IT experts and so on. 

Proving ones worth may take a couple of years to complete, but the rewards that wait at the end of the journey may include incentives that are more than you have ever dreamed of, aside from the fulfillment that you may feel to be included as part of the few who have successfully completed and therefore called themselves certified IT professionals. The integration of select third-party credential institutions, such as the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), to Microsoft has definitely made the road seem easier to take for MCP wannabes.

Passing a CompTIA certification exam can serve as your ticket to taking select MCP certifications, such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Passing an elective exam is one of the requirements for MCSE and a CompTIA certification can offer you that big favor. To be more specific, this CompTIA credential is also known as CompTIA Security+ certification.

To apply, you have to take first one MCP exam and get hold of your MCP ID number. Your CompTIA credentials will not be merited unless you take at least one exam and obtain an MCP ID number. You may then visit the CompTIA web site for more information on how you can register your CompTIA credential and MCP ID number to be forwarded and acknowledged Microsoft.


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