CompTIA Testing, Adding Value to your IT Credentials

Whether you are fresh out of college or if you are looking for a different career path, one of the best ways for you to land that dream job is to present a glowing resume to your prospective employer. In the Information Technology industry, a CompTIA certification significantly increases the value of your credentials as a future employee. CompTIA stands for the Computing Technology Industry Association, and they issue certifications to IT professionals to validate their knowledge and expertise in a particular specialization in the IT industry. With the wide array of specializations that an IT professional can have, it definitely helps to take a CompTIA testing in the path of your choice.

Here are some additional benefits that you will gain through CompTIA testing. First, CompTIA certifications are widely-recognized throughout the entire IT industry, unlike other certifications which are only useable for a particular software or type of application. Second, when you undergo CompTIA testing, there are a lot of career opportunities that will open up for you. This is because the certifications that they issue are non-vendor specific, and are recognized by the top IT companies. Third, passing a CompTIA testing  no matter which type of CompTIA certification program you plan to undergo  will validate your knowledge and skills as an IT professional. For example, if you pass the A+ Core Hardware Exam or the A+ Core Operating System Technologies Exam, your prospective employer will have a basis when it comes to your technical skills and proficiency with hardware or software principles. All in all, CompTIA testing and obtaining a CompTIA certification will serve as your ticket to your personal and professional growth.


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