You might be wondering what the best possible option for studying for the Prince2 exams are. After some deliberation, you decide that you might get really good help if you enroll in a human course that will help you remember the things you need to learn in the test. Unfortunately, there is not much left in your pocket to pay for a human course and you can hardly afford to take some time out of your very hectic schedule to actually attend it. What is a dude to do in a situation such as this? The answer lies in the heart of technology, then – go for a CBT (or a computer-based training)!

There are many online consulting companies that can pinpoint you in the direction of web sites that offer online training sessions that can help you cover everything that is mentioned in the Foundation or Practitioner syllabi of the Prince2 project management method. The advantage of enrolling in an online course is two things that provide a solution to the previous predicament that was mentioned a while ago. One, it is a lot cheaper since the trainers do not need to pay for a training room or actual live materials. Two, you can review to your heart’s content anywhere you wish – for as long as you can log on to the Internet without a hitch, that is. Such a method of studying is comparable to attending a general three day classroom course that is offered by all accredited training organizations of Prince2 practitioners. Imagine – you can take the course on your own time while being virtually guided by an accredited trainer of Prince2! Now that is what you can call a personalized service that does not leave a hole in your pocket!


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