Some companies look for individuals who specialize in computer call center help desk. They must have technical skills and experience in areas such as determination of problem and analysis. A good level of analytical ability is required to understand the fundamental relationships of the products with each other and also with the network as a whole. The computer call center help desk technician must also have a good knowledge of complicated and multi- vendor environment. The help desk technician must also be able to an swer some questions from customers that are not technical and must be able to implement improvements on the different processes. They must have a strong skill in customer service and is able to balance all the technical supports needed by the customer. The answering of the incoming calls are within a set criteria.

It is in the computer call center help desk where call tracking tools are utilized to generate metric reporting and also to monitor some problems. This is where validation of customer information like the name, phone, and room is done. The technician that is in charge in the help desk must analyze and solve some routine customer problems at first contact within a set criteria. Also, the account requirements must be met for first call rate of resolution. The standard processes are utilized and escalation procedures are reported as they are documented and  the services done are cost effective. The computer call  center help desk personnel does all the tasks mentioned above.

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