Configuration management is a method of control in the infrastructure and services.  It is therefore very important that a good configuration management for the creation and maintenance of documents be created.  This is where configuration management database or CMDB comes in.  Configuration management database is a system of storing and managing knowledge and information that is related to the components of the information system.  CMDB gets its roots from the information technology infrastructure library or ITIL® and is under ITIL®s Service Management process of Configuration Management.

CMDB is very important in configuration management because it helps the organization resolve incidents and problems more easily and quickly because of the information stored on the possible causes and solutions.  It is a storehouse of information that will include a matrix, a table or spreadsheet, or a catalogue so that relationships between these components can be understood and their configuration easily tracked. 

While CMDB is very important in the managing of knowledge but it is not that all- powerful database of information.  You can easily start a basic CMDB through your favorite word processor or spreadsheet program.  As the project grows and develops, the CMDB can be integrated and indexed so that information can be easily retrieved, updated and modified. 

As the organization becomes bigger, so too will the complex system of data storage that have to federated, reconciled and synchronized.  It is therefore very important that as you invest in CMDB, whether you are buying a product or in the process of developing one, make sure that the basic concept of federation, reconciliation, synchronization, and modeling are being followed.