India is undoubtedly one of the countries that lead the way in establishing its mark in the world of Information Technology. This is the reason why a lot of call centers and commercial establishments are sprouting like mushrooms in and out of the metro. These are not even local support-based organizations, a lot of which are huge companies in the US and neighboring countries that chose to outsource jobs in India to take care of their customer services needs. This does not only show how dynamic the people in India are, but they are also considered experts in their own right.

Bangalore is one of the business districts of India. This is the reason why a lot of different jobs are being offered to fill in slots for various fields including research and development. One of which is configuration management (CM), a very significant process as written in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®). Configuration management jobs are highly in demand nowadays. Companies have sought CMs importance in delivering organizational control over IT infrastructure and services.

To be an effective CM professional, one must take note of the following basic requirements:

(a) Fluency of the English language (b) Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Engineer or related courses (c) Knowledge of the concepts and principles behind CM (d) Experience in the usage of software tools needed for CM such as CMS, CVS, ANT or MAKE. (e) Strong analytical skills (f) Team player (g) Ability to drive results within a given time frame. (h) Ability to convert an initiative into a working operational practice.

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