Ready to use prioritized Configuration Management requirements, to:

Make headway so that your company is employing modern day software and hardware solutions to ensure system reliability, redundancy, sustainability, security compliance, and (internal) customer satisfaction; utilizing system engineering methods and standards such as traceability, system verification, system validation, baseline descriptions, configuration management and change control to develop first time quality system that is operable and maintainable. .


    • How does software configuration management facilitate the changes that occur during various stages of a system development life cycle in your organization?
    • What Enterprise Content Management processes and supporting software tools does your organization use?
    • To what degree have information system configuration management policies and procedures been defined and implemented across your organization?
    • Does your organization have a documented effective configuration management and change management process defined?
    • Do you have an effective configuration management process in place for system software?
    • Are change control/ configuration management procedures followed for all software and hardware modifications of systems that process and store sensitive information?
    • Does your organization have formalized processes for IT support services, problem management, change management and configuration management?
    • For major system acquisitions and major projects, does the project office include a configuration management plan as a component of the project management plan?
    • Is a configuration management process in place that controls access to all software code and hardware components throughout the system lifecycle?
    • How much visibility does a client have into your internal processes, including Software Quality Assurance (SQA) activities, configuration management and testing?

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