There is a multitude of free and commercial configuration management tools that you can search for in the Internet. Software configuration management is just one area of the spectrum  there is another part which deals with hardware configuration management. To have a deeper understanding of the concept, you need to know first why configuration management plays an important role in the Information Technology industry.  Through configuration management, you will have better control of the changes made whenever there is a modification, upgrade or installation of additional components within a computer network.  

Among the many tools that you can use are configuration management software teamsite tools.  Here are the things that you should look for in a good software configuration management software teamsite tool. First up, the goal of software configuration management is to make each IT personnel aware of the changes being made within the computer network system. Thus, the teamsite tools should have the ability to provide multi-user support so that any type of project can be better managed. Second, the teamsite tools should be flexible enough to fit the needs of your business’ environment. The tools should also be user-friendly and easy to modify. As each project progresses, you would need to perform little tweaks here and there, or make one-time major adjustments, so a good teamsite tool should be able to handle changes like these. The hierarchy of the users is also important  so that only the authorized personnel can make the necessary changes. By keeping in mind these configuration management software teamsite tools essentials, you can better utilize the benefits of configuration management and use it for the overall success of your IT software development projects.  

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