A website owner who wants to know if his website is performing well or not can use a software called web analytics. It is meant to collect, report and analyze the behaviour of clients in the website using some software applications. Web analytics has been around since the mid-1990s and it is still growing and constantly changing. That is the reason why there are many web analytics jobs available in data job banks online.

Web analytics manager as a career?

A person who wants to have a professional job as a web analytics manager should have the following qualifications and qualities.
First, he must have the basic requirements and skills, which are usually indicated among job posts in data banks. Other jobs require a web analytics manager to have at least 5 years experience in research and data intensive jobs. He must also have past experiences in the implementation and maintenance of web analytic software. Sometimes, job posts also require a bachelor’s degree.
Second, a web analytics manager needs to be passionate about his job. This job is a tough and an overwhelming business. Thus, if a web analytics manager does not feel passionate about this job, he would have a hard time surviving and even leading a team.

Third, a good web analytics manager loves changes and loves to learn new things. Since this is a dynamic career, a manager must learn from mistakes and not be afraid to try new tools and methods.
Fourth, a good web analytics manager is not afraid to question data to the point of being so rude. This means not using simplistic tools to analyze data but digging deeper into the core problem.
Being a web analytics manager entails a lot of hard work but this job is also interesting and creative.

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