WordPress skins provide the look and feel of a blogsite. They dictate how the buttons should be arranged, the background color, pattern, or image to be used, and other elements that should be present in the blogsite. Skins can be considered as the layout. But unlike the layout, WordPress skins can be customized without affecting the blogsite’s contents. Because of these, there are many WordPress skins available for free and for paid. But with these many options, how can a blogger choose the best among the hundred WordPress skins available?

There are some important factors that should be considered when choosing the best WordPress skin. These are the theme of the blogsite, the readers, and the blogger. There are still other factors that need to be considered but these three are the usual considerations.

The theme of the blogsite is very important when you consider a WordPress skin. The skin should speak about what the blog entries are all about. If the blogsite is all about gadgets, then the skin should be techy-type. If the blogsite is about flowers, then the skin should have some flower imprints. The likes of the prospect readers should also be considered. For example, if the target readers are puppy lovers, then choosing a puppy-friendly skin is the best. The blogger’s taste is also important when choosing the skin. The skin should pass his taste and his agenda for blogging.

Aside from the free WordPress skins offered by the blogging application, bloggers can still find other free downloadable skins from other websites. But it is advised that when using these free skins, the blogger should always acknowledge the author of the skin to show appreciation for his hard work.

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