Strategic Execution Plan

Maximize the value of your self assessment data with the practical recommendations in our Strategic Execution Plan.

What's included in the Strategic Execution Plan

Personalized Data Analysis

Implementation Plan

Online Coaching

With the Strategic Execution Plan you will achieve the following:​

Be more Effective
Use the personalized recommendations to gain better traction in your implementation projects.
Maximize your Investment
Identify the high value resources in your organization who can help with the implementation.
Understand your possibilities
Using the 1-hour coaching meeting to fully understand the opportunities for improvements.


Book a 30 minute web meeting with one of our executive consultants to discuss if the Strategic Execution Plan is right for you.

Strategic Execution Plan is a 5-day consultancy piece to help you understand your Self-Assessment Results in more details. You will receive an in-depth analysis of your Self Assessment Results accompanied by a list of practical execution recommendations that help you implement the improvements based on your RACI diagram.

A one hour virtual face-to-face coaching session to provide further details on an effective Execution & Implementation Plan is included as part of this service.

Would you like some help?

After you complete the Self Assessment, you may find yourself wondering what these results mean for your business.

We can help you with the next steps and guide you in your improvement projects.

Our experts will analyze your Self Assessment Results and develop an implementation strategy that provides clear recommendations on the most effective and efficient way to improve the maturity and process congruency across the different parts of the business.

Presenting the recommendations from the Strategic Execution Plan

Your consultant will be available for a one hour online coaching session. During this session you and your team have the opportunity to explore the implementation recommendations. This conversational workshop style coaching session will provide you with a deeper understanding of the tasks at hand and gives you the tools to engage your team to implement the process improvements successfully.

Strategic Execution Plan



Book a 30 minute web-meeting with one of our Executive consultants