Assure your organization oversees and/or participates in the design, management, and presentation of results of qualitative and quantitative consumer research studies and custom designed strategic and tactical studies to support product marketing, branding, marketing communications and operational initiatives.

  • Support development and be key business user of the Customer Analytics Platform, working with Enterprise Architecture, IT and Analytics teams to reflect future customer management needs are met.
  • Establish that your venture
  • Capture, integrate, organize and communicate critical information about customers, markets, competitors, and technology trends to all critical internal stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with analytics teams to provide customer insight and data requirements for analytics projects, development of predictive models and rules based customer engagement.
  • Provide direction for the research and insights function; effectively manage, coach, and develop the competencies of the team in alignment with Strategic Workforce plans.
  • Manage the overall project timelines and deliverables, ensuring that milestones are met and work is aligned at the various stages of project execution.
  • Ensure you accrue; understand and regularly utilize sales plans, selling reports, and margin reports to interpret style information that is relevant to your categories.
  • Confirm your business
  • Lead concept / design review and provide input on safety, quality, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction as related to new products.
  • Ensure you exceed; lead internal and external assessments of the omnichannel business environment (consumer, organization, category, customers, market trends, etc), leveraging multiple data sources to shape implications and recommended actions.
  • Drive the strategic monitoring and communication of competitive intelligence (evolution in the strategy of your competitors especially for pricing, innovation and new product releases).
  • Ensure you have planned the engagement activities, the learning objectives and you have helped solve business problems through the creative deployment of the insights.
  • Ensure you specify; lead the development of new, improved, and/or more cost effect research tools, methods, and processes to fit the business problem and fast, paced Agile work practices.
  • Identify and synthesize insights that inform key business decisions for the Retail and Product organizations regarding topics related to sales, marketing, and more.
  • Develop processes and protocols around data monitoring/validation, ingesting, and structuring that facilitates the growth of the international teams analytics agenda.
  • Support the creation, execution, analysis, and reporting of research projects across a diverse portfolio of games to meet key milestones and deadlines.


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